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A table with a brown-papered top holds several antique picture frames with black and white photos in them. The frames vary in oval and rectangular shapes and are different shades of brown and gold. The wall behind the table is covered in picture frame moulding samples in neutral colors and a wide variety of styles.

Custom Framing

From canvas stretching to shadowboxing and everything in between. With over 55 years combined custom framing experience, we can help you create a stunning display for your art that fits both your aesthetic and your budget. 

A bright white photo studio with a cement floor is lit for artwork photo captures. Two black photography umbrellas flank the left and right sides with a camera on a tripod between them. The camera is facing an original canvas of a colorful person playing the saxophone. A medium sized blond pitbull mix dog wanders through the room at the bottom left.

Image Captures

Create a digital image from original art. We use a variety of lighting and color correction techniques to make your work ready for printing, web design, social media, and more. Two artist proofs included. 

A baroque lounge interior with ambient lighting. Several red Persian carpets cover the brown floor, and antique chairs and couches surround low oval tables. A white-bricked fireplace with brown mantel has gold framed landscapes above it while the blue couch has a gold framed portrait of a nude hanging above it. Standing Tiffany style lamps stand on either side of the couch.

Design Consultation

Corporate, institutional, and venue designers welcome! From whole hotels and hospitals to cruise ships and single dressing rooms, we'll work within your vision to select artwork, style framing, and design display options sure to wow your clients.

A large scale commercial printer feeds out a print. The word 'Meters' is visible on the print, as is the top of an alligator. The floor in the room is hardwood, and a window is visible behind the printer.


Our printing substrates include a wide selection of fine art and photo papers, canvas, banners, peel-and-stick vinyl, and wallpaper. Using archival inks and offering a variety of textures, the possibilities for what you can print are limited only by your imagination. 

A large crowd of people fill the interior gallery space of Art Conscious. A person in the foreground wears a purple, green, and gold sequinsed jacket and holds a frilly purple and pink umbrella. Off to the right, a brass band plays their instruments.

Event Space

Krewe galas, bridal showers, birthday parties -- What event would you like to hold? Our gallery and neighboring art park offer ample space, performance areas, a private dressing room, space for caterers, and more to make your special event a success!

An unburned yellow screen for screenprinting stands upright against a wooden work table.

Screen Burning

Whether you're making t-shirts or serigraphs, we offer high definition screen burning to help turn your project into a reality. 

A large, custom-built wooden crate used for shipping artwork stands in a packing and shipping area that has other crate building materials visible in the background.

Art Shipping

When your art needs to travel. 

We custom-build boxes and crates and hand-package everything from prints to sculptures for transit with USPS, UPS, FedEx, and most major freight companies. We can also make freight arrangements for artwork we pack. 

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